Brand new lyrics



I’m In the 5th with some off brand shoes

They don’t make a cure for F*ck Boy Flu 

B#tch! Stop actin Brand New

Why you actin Brand New Brand New 

Top notch

This is the live! V.I.P. session

We gone need more ice 

Stuck my chain in your drink 

She said she needed more ice

2 models in my face so now you got me thinking twice 

Nice legs red bottom 6 inch hills

kiss her on the neck and it gave her the chills

Rollercoaster ride this is guaranteed thrills

it could turn your stomach when you see blood spill

this shit is real.

Stop actin Brand New

Why you actin Brand New


I shoot the the Loosey out your hand from a project window/ 

escape with your Bimbo in a 93 tempo/ 

liquor store dreams fiends and high beams crooks with notebooks  full of rhyme schemes scratch off and incense no repentance/

I show love it shows back in increments when in a pinch/

flip golf carts toss darts with immigrants/ set up shop in ya tenements with Nick’s the size of dinner mint….. 


(Brand new) beautiful broads gorgeous whip man I’m showing out 

Cassius Clay damn right I knocked that money out

You mother lover’s  ain’t balling like Doe is 

that’s  all acting Hollywood showbiz  

I rock it loose  man I ain’t scared  of none of yall 

that’s 30k on my neck right in front of yall 

your best bet is hit the club with ya hands up 

I peeped  ya girl she looking stressed  you got her handcuffed

Stop actin Brand New

Why you actin Brand New


Live nigga 

MUCOW sipper 

surreal flow/got goons on deck 

that will send you over the rainbow/ Keith Sweat 

your girl if I want her

threw all my neckties away in 08 Obama

M.J.B. my njgga no more drama

deranged Flow mad suicidal bomber

these Styles cause deadly contusions

it’s a suicide Soul Train… Whitney Houston

Mic Wise

(Brand New) Ayo I’ve had it with you wanna be’s 

this is how it’s gonna be 

keep your distance cuz you’re not worthy to stand in front of me 

you understudy me 

sh#t look what you done to me 

blame yourself for getting cracked with this bottle of bubbly 

you outwardly hate deep down inside you’re really loving me 

that’s the only reason I can think and that’s why you trouble me 

if the shoe fits then wear it just grin and bare it you got all that hate in yo blood and don’t want to share it? 

Well envy breeds jealousy 

and you fake Emcees can pucker up and whistle My Melody 

I can see you talking but I can’t hear what you say to me 

facial expressions and body language saying you hating me 

sh#t I’m the Game of the South 

ya got my name in your mouth 

soon as I switch lanes you changing ya route 

as soon as I sub in you changing them out 

Mic Wheed from Tenn-a-key straight banging em out 


Reo_brand new master4

Reo_brand new master4